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Clients' Bill of Rights

Reconnect Community Health Services is committed to making sure your rights are respected and promoted in accordance with the Long-Term Care Act. These rights are to be respected by all staff, volunteers and contracted service providers of Reconnect.

All Clients have the right to:

1. Be treated in a courteous and considerate manner that respects dignity and privacy, promotes independence and self-direction and is free from humiliation.

2. Be free from neglect and mental, physical or financial abuse.

3. Be treated in a manner that recognizes individuality and is sensitive and responsive to specific needs and preferences, including those based on ethnic, spiritual, linguistic, familial and cultural factors.

4. Participate in the assessment and identification of care requirements and be informed about the availability and cost of services, who will provide the services and when the services will be provided.

5. Participate in the ongoing review, evaluation and revision of Service Plans.

6. Give, refuse or change consent to the provision of any service.

7. Raise concerns or recommend changes regarding service provided by Reconnect without fear of interference, intimidation, discrimination or punishment.

8. Be informed, in writing, of the procedures for reporting complaints about the services we provide.

9. Be informed about how to access the laws and policies affecting the operation of Reconnect.

10.Give, refuse or change consent to the sharing and release of personal information.

11. Be assured that all personal, medical and financial records are kept confidential and in accordance with the law.

12. Have access to and the freedom to review personal records.

13. Have access to information and referrals to additional resources if requested.

If you have any questions about your rights, please talk with a staff member you feel comfortable in approaching.

Any Client who feels his/her rights are not being met, is asked to contact the Director of Community Services at 416-787-2114 x 210.


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