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Services/Payment Fall Prevention and Exercise

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What is Therapeutic Falls Prevention?

It is a physiotherapy-based group exercise program, led by registered Kinesiologists, that offers specialized exercises that address your problem areas. These exercises are slow paced and delivered with purposeful movements that increase flexibility, reduce swelling, increase strength, balance, and circulation which can reduce your risk of having a fall. These specialized exercises can be done standing up or in a seated position – whichever is right for you!  FREE.

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General Exercise Program

Many seniors remark that the key to successful aging is their ability to keep moving, staying healthy and feeling good. Exercise is good for everyone but it is especially important for seniors. Increased activity in seniors' keep muscles strong, blood flowing and oxygen pumped throughout the body. It builds a stronger immune system, lowers blood pressure, lowers blood sugars for diabetics, reduces stress, helps you to sleep better and reduces stiffness and joint pain while keeping you flexible, agile and moving.

Reconnect offer many FREE exercise classes, at a variety of locations, for the seniors in our community.

Our general exercise programs are led by our trained staff and/or Exercise Facilitators. The general exercise program is somewhat faster paced which make it ideally suited for seniors with little to no balance concerns. Seniors, who are looking for a healthy exercise plan that will increase their heart rate, build or maintain muscle mass and improve or maintain overall good health, can get all of that from the general exercise program.

So join us at one of our many locations for an hour of good exercise in a social, supportive and fun atmosphere and let Reconnect assist you in getting in shape and living a healthy independent lifestyle.

Schedule including times and locations.

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