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April In Touch-The Value of Volunteering                April EHC News-Financial Literacy Workshop

March In Touch-Coming Soon                                March EHC News-A Pledge to Follow

February In Touch-apetito Donates Van               February EHC News-Just Say No to Jaywalking

January In Touch-Tips for the Cold                       January EHC News-Year-end Celebration


December In Touch-Open House                         December EHC News-Mindfulness

November In Touch-Adult Day Services               November EHC News-Adaptation to a Diagnosis

October In Touch-TCLHIN Quality Initiative         October EHC News- Membership Meeting

September In Touch-Assisted Living                   September EHC News- Beach Trip

August In Touch-EHC Stories                             August EHC News- Busy Hands Project

July In Touch-Meals on Wheels                           July EHC News- Seniors' Month Event

June In Touch-Com-HAC                                    June EHC News- Seniors' Month Event

May In Touch-Adult Day Services                       May EHC News-Art Show and Open House

April In Touch-Volunteering, Eh?                         April EHC News-Art Show

March In Touch-Supportive Housing                    March  EHC News-Seniors Information and Active Living Fair

February In Touch-Sunny Days                           February EHC News-Depression and Seniors

January In Touch-Home Support Corner              January EHC News-Fabulous Photography

Past Newsletters


December In Touch-Stories                                 December EHC News-Party, Party, Party!

November In Touch-Adult Day Services               November EHC News-Keep Making Friends

October In Touch-Exciting News                          October EHC News-Membership Meeting

September In Touch-Supportive Housing              September  EHC News-Upcoming Events

August In Touch-New Training Highlighted            August  EHC News-Long-term Volunteers

July In Touch-Home Support Corner                    July EHC News-Seniors' Month Event

June In Touch-Performance Issue 2015-16           June EHC News-Membership Meeting

May In Touch-Adult Day Services                        May EHC News-Seniors' Month

April In Touch-Volunteers                                     April EHC News-Active Living Fair

March In Touch-Supportive Housing                     March EHC News-Hearts are Dancing

February In Touch and EHC News-Eglinton Hill Centre Back on Site

January In Touch-Home Support Corner             January EHC News-EHC Holiday Party



 December In Touch-Annual General Meeting      December EHC News-New Year 

 November In Touch-Adult Day Services            November EHC News-Coping with Changes

 October In Touch-Emergency Planning             October EHC News-Flood

 September In Touch-Supportive Housing           September EHC News-Day Trips

 August In Touch- One-time Grants                    August EHC News-Day Trips 

 July In Touch-Home Support Corner                 July EHC News-Seniors Event

 June In Touch - Performance 2014-15               June EHC News-Facebook

  May In Touch-Adult Day Services Team          May EHC News-Let's Do Lunch

 April In Touch- Focus on PSWs                              April EHC News-Volunteerism

 March In Touch - Supportive Housing               March EHC News-Spring Strateg

 February In Touch - Day of Caring                   February EHC News-New Programs

 January In Touch - Home Support Corner         January EHC News- EHC Holiday Party


 December In Touch - AGM                              December EHC News- Blast from the Past

 November In Touch - Partners in Care             November EHC News- Let's Do Lunch

 October In Touch - Training and Education      October EHC News- Focus on Classes

 September In Touch - Supportive Housing       September EHC News- A Focus on Day Trips

 August In Touch - Strategic Plan                               August EHC News- Intergenerational Program

 July In Touch - Home Support Corner              July EHC News- Big Bright Bold

June In Touch - Performance 2013-14              June EHC News- Art Show 

 May In Touch - Adult Day Program News        May EHC News- Party and Event Planning

 April In Touch - Falls Prevention/Exercise        April EHC News- Focus on Exercise

 March In Touch - Supportive Housing              March EHC News- Creative Arts

 February In Touch - Ice Storm                          February EHC News- Diabetes Workshop

 January In Touch - Home Support Corner        January EHC News- Party and Update


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